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Prefabricated Houses for you and your family


Prefabricated Houses what exactly are they?


Can be moved from one location to another. There are specific laws and regulations regarding these relocations.

The prefabricated building is a home that is built off-site in a factory then shipped to the site for final assembly because prefab houses are built indoors, they can be completed in a matter of a few weeks or months.

One of the most important benefits of prefab houses is that they are time efficient and cost effective, permanent structures “real property” and designed for future conveniences. Attractive by using geometric and modern exterior finishing’s that boast open spaces and maximize natural light in your home.

Prefab houses do not all look alike,  it is vary in style and size and its have no design limitations You can create any style of Prefab houses you wish and Prefab houses can be used for commercial applications, including office buildings and can be moved from one location to another. There are specific laws and regulations regarding these relocations and our can add any style of window or architectural detail and with electrical finishing’s, wall color choices that you desire which means you can create your dream home.


We are delivering Social Housing solutions with fast production, swift transportation, quick assembly thanks to our well trained assembly teams and economic prices.

LAROZA STEEL  SMART HOUSES has got wide customer references. We have Many  constructed projects in Iraqi cities of Bagdad and Arbil of Iraqi Kurdistan.

The 2018 Laroza Steel Smart Catalogue is here!

The benefits of Prefabricated Houses


We have in-house engineering departments that utilize CAD and the prefabricated construction occurs in a controlled manufacturing environment and follows specified standards, the sub-assemblies of the structure built to a uniform quality and each sub-assembly is built by an experienced crew in a weather-resistant factory, with multiple quality checks throughout the entire process. Some components of the building are constructed using precise machine equipment to ensure conformity to building code.


Flexibility Modular construction can be easily be disassembled and relocated to different sites.

Also, modular construction allows for flexibility in the design of the structure allowing for a limitless number of opportunities. Since prefabricated construction units can be used in different spaces, its neutral aesthetics is able to blend in with almost any building type.


An indoor construction environment presents considerably fewer risks for accidents and other liabilities and There are strict factory processes and procedures that protect the worker from on-the-job injury also workers are put in a low risk environment that elevates their feelings of comfort.


With healthier workers, you can be certain that your home will receive the care and attention to details that it requires in order to be built safely and soundly.

Financial Savings cost efficient

One of the greatest advantages of prefabricated construction would be financial savings and Modular construction targets all budgets and price points, creating an affordable option. Prefabrication manufacturers often receive bulk discounts from material suppliers.

A Prefab house would cost 40% less than a normal house due to the fact that all the prefabricated parts such as the walls and windows and  modules  are  mass produced and of the same design which makes it possible for a home owner to choose from a variety of designs which saves a great deal of cost in terms of labor and material as well as time.

Reliable Schedule  Time efficient

The time it takes to complete a prefab house is much less than a conventional house   In many instances,, prefabrication takes less than half the time when compared to traditional construction.


This is due to better upfront planning, and due to the minimal opportunity for negative schedule interference to occur and elimination of on-site weather factors, subcontractor scheduling delays and quicker fabrication as multiple pieces can be constructed simultaneously.

Additionally, With prefabrication, Modular construction also sidesteps the possibility of unreliable contractors and unproductive staff.


All prefab houses are environmentally friendly, don't require extra materials from construction vehicles and equipment which decreases costs and the environmental hazards from fumes and smokes and do not produce waste as all the required materials for construction arrive on site already installed and Nothing goes to waste since all materials are being used in recycling which ridding you of the worry that comes with home inspections by your municipality.
As well Prefabricated Houses use producing clean energy and modern exterior finishing’s that boast open spaces and maximize natural light which results in less risk of weather damage, mold and other pollutants and  and and save money on your energy bills.

Prefabricated Home Specifications

Prefabricated House Prices



please browsing Prefabricated Houses catalog 2018 and Choose your design model number you will find a variety of our Prefabricated Houses plans adapts itself to your tastes and requirements! We offer all-encompassing project, the Pricing involves your entire project, from start to finish from step the first designs to the finishing touches and a turn-key Prefabricated Houses Pricing.

Pricing to plan and an existing DESIGN - as is in our catalo  and Includes- first drawings for your project - Complex site plan- construction documents and Building Permits - Structural materials and new technologies (electric, plumbing, septic, paint, heating, ventilation, air-conditioning, etc. ...) - The installation and building services Site visits and Full cover to hours work listed - everyday management to final  completion, support and the plans, maintenance for one year.



copies prints or files includes:

3D renderings -  Interior and exterior/8 sets of prints CAD files/ cd or emailed, Engineering calc. book/PDF files,


Engineering Plans/PDF files, when you need extra copies it Request extra fees


All home models of our customizable plans with extra fees If changes are with minor adjustments or extensive require more than the maximum allowable from hours work listed or Structural materials or change design model  the design will be priced at custom design rates.


we are respecting your planning and budget, so you can avoid any nasty surprises and also to make things easier, you will have only one contact person to talk to, responsible for the overall management of your project Pricing is subject to change, If you would like to check out the cost of our services. We will be happy to advise you!





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